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RH 605 Early Tudor Nobleman's Skivvies

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RH 605 Early Tudor Nobleman's Skivvies

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This outfit was worn by wealthy commoners and noblemen during the Northern Renaissance period of Henry VIII and "Bloody" Mary Tudor, and was common across Europe. Pattern includes Early Tudor nobleman's shirt, doublet and hosen for wear under nobleman's jerkin and gown (RH604).

You get the entire outfit, including shirt, front- or side-lacing doublet, jerkin with or without collar and sleeves, hosen (complete with codpiece!), and trousers. Add the right belt, hat, and shoes and you'll look like you've just taken a break from celebrating a wedding or skating on Holland's frozen canals!

Fits chests 34" to 54" and waists 28"to 50". All sizes in one envelope.

Also included are assembly instructions, embellishment suggestions, and the extensive historical notes you've come to expect from Reconstructing History.

Suggested Fabrics:
Shirt: 3-5oz linen
Hosen & Trousers: wool twill (do not use wool jersey)
Doublet: wool twill or heavy silk
(optional) Lining: 3-5oz linen or light (8mm) silk
(optional) Interlining: heavy linen or buckram

Notions: thread, (optional) buckram or heavy linen interlining, (optional) twill tape or linen narrowware for waistband interfacing

Yardage Requirements:
Hosen 2 yds 60” wide
Doublet 3 yds 60” wide
Shirt 3 yds 60” wide


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